Understand cattle slaughter regulation

Understand cattle slaughter regulation

The new rules DO NOT ban cattle slaughter, but regularize the way they are being slaughtered. Who would like to torture the animals before slaughtering them? The new rules of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Regulation of Livestock Markets) Rules, 2017, have been framed under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. These are framed to stop the cruelty to animals.

People can eat whatever they want and they can kill animals for the same. But they animals need to be taken care of until they get slaughtered. People should understand how the cattle are being treated before the slaughter. They keep them in unsafe farms, dairy sheds and they go thru hell before getting slaughtered.

If one comes to know about this whole saga, there is chance of anger even in a calmer person. It is outrageous. The cattle are crammed in the trucks where they typically go without food, water, or rest for the duration of the journey. They carry them from one place to another without feeding them which can go to few. Imagine in sunny weather or cold . They collapse in hot weather and freeze in winters. They put so many of them in one truck that sometimes their legs are broken. They are usually exhausted and can’t walk by the time they reach the slaughterhouse. If they get sick, they will tie the legs with ropes or chains and drag them off the trucks.


If one wants to kill the animals, they can give them a decent death. One can’t be so cruel because it is just meat. The government is bringing rules to stop this cruelty and the regulations for the best interests of animals.

People just jump to conclusions that the Central government is banning cattle slaughter without even reading the rules completely. Another argument is about Ramadan season. India will always have some festivals or different seasons which become obstacles. People criticized the timing of Demonetization giving different reasons. Whenever the government is trying to improve the system, it is the right time. Timeis always right to do right things.