Triple Talaq – a fight of Muslim women

Triple Talaq – a fight of Muslim women

The AIMLB members keep on saying the triple talaq is wrong and they want the government to punish the Muslims who are using triple talaq in wrong ways. But they don’t want the government to interfere with the Muslim personal law. This means they want the government to implement Sharia law. Does this even make sense?

When alcohol consumption is sin for Muslims, how many Muslims are following it? Why is this personal Muslim law not implemented?

Nikah Halala means once divorced (by saying talaq three times in person or on phone, sending message by mail or sms or whatsapp) by triple talaq by saying it even when the husband was angry or drunk, it is valid. The couple is said to be divorced. Then according to Muslim personal law, they can’t be married even if they want to. They can’t marry each other until the woman marries some other man and gets divorced from him. What kind of world are we living in? Does this make sense?

In Nikah Halala, the wife has to marry someone and sleep with him for one night. Then she is at a mercy of the second usband to say talaq three times and if he doesn’t, she is stuck with him. The women say they feel worse than a prostitute that they should sleep with someone for the mistake of husband. Some horrible men do it on purpose and torture women. What kind of law which works completely against women? Does this make sense?

With polygamy, the Muslim man can have up to four wives and which country allows this? No Muslim woman is allowed to have 4 husbands, but she is at a mercy of the husband while he takes care of multiple families. Does this make sense?

Muslim women do not get encouraged to study and most of them are uneducated to go to court. They will not have any money to hire a lawyer to get alimony or child support. They do not get any help from the maulvis or mullahs.

The entire system is very beneficial to men. They can ruin lives of women and get rid of them by saying the horrific word three times and move on. Unless they are forced to pay the child support and alimony, the women can never be leading normal lives.