Swathi Mutyam Kasinathuni Vishwanath

Swathi Mutyam Kasinathuni Vishwanath

When we think of Kasinathuni Vishwanath, it’s not one or two great films come to our mind, but it will be a list of masterpieces. Sankarabharanam, Saptapadi, Swathi Mutyam, Sagara Sangamam, Swarna Kalamam, Sruthi Layalu, Sirivennela, Sirisiri Muvva, Swati Kiranam, Shubhodayam and more. The films made by this great director are always carry a social message, encourage Indian traditions and  they are sheer poetry. The wonderful music reminds us the poetry from Veturi and Sirivennela Sitarama Shastry. But only few know that C. Narayana Reddy garu has written few beautiful songs for Swathi Mutyam.

There are three lyricists for this great film which has been a favorite of many award ceremonies and has been dubbed and made in other languages.

Songs by Aatreya:
Chinnari Ponnari Kittayya!
Pattuseera Testanani

Songs by C. Narayanareddy:
Laali Laali
Raama, Kanavemiraa! (harikatha)
Suvvi Suvvi!

Songs by Sirivennela Sitaramasastri:
Manasu Palike

During no-internet days, it was difficult to find the meaning of Vatapatra sai. But at later stages, many tried to find the meaning and many contributors did help us providing details. Vatapatra Sai means the swamy sleeping on banyan leaf. The related story is available on internet and one can Google the same.

Laali Laali Laali Laali…

Vatapatra saayiki varahaala laali – Banyan leaf (sleeping on) Vishnu ki Varahaala (jewels) laali
Raajeeva netruniki ratanaala laali – Rajeeva netrala Sriramuniki ratanala (diamonds) laali
Muripaala krishnuniki muthyala laali – Krishnuniki muthyala (pearls) laali
Jagamelu swamiki pagadaala laali – Jagamelu swami (creator) ki pagadaala (corals) laali

Kalyana raamuniki kausalya laali – Kalayana Ramuniki amma Kausalya laali
Yedhu vamsha vibhuniki yashoda laali – Yadava vamshaniki chendina Krishnuniki amma Yashoda laali
Kari raaja mukhuniki giritanaya laali – Enugu thala Vigneshwaruniki amma (Giri raju putrika) Parvati laali
Paramaamsha bhavuniki paramaathma laali – Srishti karthaki Creatro’s creator laali

Alamelupatiki annamayya laali – Alivelamma pathi Kavi Annamayya laali
Kodanda raamuniki Gopayya laali – Ramuniki Ramadasu laaali
Shyaamalanguniki Shyamayya Laali – Ramuniki Kavi Syamayya laali
Aagamanuthuniki thyaagayya Laali – Ramuniki Kavi Thyagayya laali

This song has been the best lullaby in history of Telugu songs. Anyone can sing or play this song to any baby, they will like it. Music my Illayaraja and Sri Narayana Reddy’s lyrics, it is sheer poetry singing for god and the baby together. Words can’t express the feelings.
Another song which starts as a Sitamma song during RamaNavami days. Very innocently the main character Kamal sings it. But every phrase of this song hits the suffering widow, Radhika.

suvvi suvvi suvvalamma seetalamma..
guvva muvva savvadalle navvalamma
suvvi suvvi suvvalamma seetalamma..

Anda danda undalani kodandaraamuni nammukunte
Anda danda undalani kodandaraamuni nammukunte
gundeleni manishalle ninu konda konalakodilesada
gundeleni manishalle …..
gundeleni manishalle ninu konda konalakodilesada

The man she trusted to live with her dies and that heartless husband left her. Gunde leni manishalle…..

aggilona dooki puvvu moggalaga thelina nuvvu
neggevamma oka nadu ningi nela ne thodu
neggevamma oka nadu ningi nela ne thodu

Sita enters the fire and came out and wishing her to win… neggevamma okanadu

Chuttu unna chettu chema thobuttuvulinka neekamma
chuttu unna chettu chema thobuttuvulinka neekamma
aagaka ponge kannelle nee aakali dappulu theerchenamma
aagaka ponge kannelle nee aakali dappulu theerchenamma
pattina grahanam vidichi
ne bathukuna punnami pande ghadiya
vasthundamma okanadu chusthunnadu paivadu
vasthhunda aanadu ..chusthada aa paivadu…
suvvi suvvi suvvi..

Sita has no one for company except for trees around Valmiki ashram
Only tears would fill the hunger and thirst. But one day the eclipse will be moved and she will have full moon in her life. God is watching and that day will come.

This song is a folk song for Sita as she suffers the time away from her husband. Similarly, Radhika sufffers as her husband dies very young. This touches her heart and she leave the place with heavy heart.

Raamaa kanavemiraa song is a harikatha and so beautifully written.

raamaa kanavemiraa
raamaa kanavemiraa sri raghuraama kanavemiraa
raamaa kanavemiraa
ramanee lalaama nava laavanya seema
dharaaputri suma gaatri
dharaaputri suma gaatri nadayaadi raagaa


During this harikatha, Kamal picks up the Magalsutra from SitaRama Kalyanam in the temple and ties it in Radhika’s neck. The way it happens looks so natural and the music around this incident is so apt that no can imagine it more beautiful.