Sanjay Leela Bhansali should stay away from Historical films

Historical films are expected to be showcasing a piece of history to the people. But our Historical films are always surrounded by romance and love stories. Be it Mughal-E-Azam, Majnu, Bajirao Mastani, Jodha Akbar and our directors are only fascinated by the love story. Even when think of Mohenjadaro, it is ... Read More »

Rana Daggubati stands tall among Star kids

Tollywood is dominated by the star kids and the industry is running based on four or five families. The current generation of star kids or producer kids are Ram Charan Teja, Allu Arjun, Rana Daggubati, Naga Chaitanya and Akhil. NTR Jr though coming from filmi family, he doesn’t fall into ... Read More »

When academic in middle of storm

Kerala is in eye of academic storm with two major collages under the fire due to the mistreatment and criminal negligence of the students. The first case that shook the near idyllic state of Kerala academic atmosphere was the abrupt death of first-year BTech student Jishu. Apparently, Jishnu had committed the ... Read More »

Supreme Court, theaters and National Anthem

National Anthem

Ever since Supreme Court had issued public order to stand up for the National Anthem, the fanatics waving the flag of nationalism have gone berserk. It was in December that Supreme court on sudden whim issued the ordinance that the public must stand up when the National Anthem is played ... Read More »

Big mess of Bigg Boss

With the season 10 of Bigg Boss facing flakes from all quarters of mass and media for its low morals and lower viewership rating, the time has certainly come of the makers of the reality show to rethink their reality. It is a common consensus that the current season of ... Read More »

Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu: Culture or cruelty?

Since Jallikattu has been clamped down by the Supreme Court, India has witness some fascinating days; thousands of Tamilians have took to streets protesting for it.  More than 10,000 residents of Tamil Nadu have planted themselves on the Marina, each to fight for their traditional Jallikattu since last four days. ... Read More »

Frustrated Indian Telugu girl or incompetent?

There is a video, “Frustrated Indian Telugu girl” going viral on social media. It looks like this girl knows how to become popular on social media decently. The video shows immaturity and not her smartness or intelligence. People who love to see this kind of banter are lapping up this ... Read More »

Kochi-Muziris Biennale

As the brand new year is already well into its fast stride, so is Kochi-Muziris Biennale. My 2016 had ended in an aesthetic note as i visited Kochi-Muziris Biennale in the final week. I had wanted to treat myself to this artist experience since it was inaugurated in November, but i ... Read More »

Demonetization kills parallel economy

No one in India can deny that there is a parallel economy thriving in India. This parallel economy needs to be attacked with all the weapons and the first weapon is demonetization. There are several cases around us which are part of parallel economy. Look around and you can see ... Read More »

Of 2017 elections and political parties

The clock of the countdown started ticking with the announcement of election dates. The moment that the major political parties have been waiting so far has come with the declaration of the election dates for five major states of North India. The fact that the forthcoming election holds significance for ... Read More »

For Akhilesh and Anurag, new year surprising events

It is just the second day of the brand new year of 2017, and the year has already started with bang. From Akhilesh Yadav turning away from his father’s wings to Anurag Thakur losing his chair, the year sure has started with varying degree of surprising events. Akhilesh Yadav‘s vacillating mind ... Read More »