Wanted: Sex offender’s registry

P Sathasivam’s announcement to launch sex offender’s registry in Kerala shortly deserves an applause, as it couldn’t have come at a better time. At a time when the sex crimes against women have hit all time high in India, it is an outstanding decision of Governor to introduce the sex ... Read More »

The need for language revival in India

The International Mother Language Day went by on Tuesday without much fanfare. But then that was given with the country caught in vortex of elections in five major states with make or break political situation, there is only so much that people can pay attention to. The words ‘mother language’ ... Read More »

When lack of women safety in Kerala is perturbing

To the people of Kerala who were already apprehensive about women safety the morning tea had been bitter as the reports of one of their favorite actress Bhavana kidnapped and molested on her way to work made rounds. But this news was merely as ripple in the seemingly perfect lake ... Read More »

My Gujarat trip itinerary 


GUJARAT, as soon as we think of this wonderful state, soft speaking people minding their own business with a sweet diet and caring nature for their guests compulsorily flashes our minds  and of course at the very outset and every corner of our hearts we do rush to revive n ... Read More »

What simmering Kashmir needs is healing touch, in deeds

Kashmir has been simmering for quite a sometime now. The death of four more soldiers and four terrorists in the Valley is sure sign that the State is slowly but surely snowballing to crash point. The issue of Kashmir that has come out since 1965 has particularly worsened in recent ... Read More »

Judgement proves a convict ruled Tamilnadu

The Supreme court judgment seems to be not important for the people. Everyone is busy looking at the convict Sasikala and forget about bigger convict Jayalalithaa. Sasikala could be the benami or the shareholder of the money or properties owned by the chief minister. We are forgetting the fact that ... Read More »

Of Valentine’s Day and Indian culture

Valentine's Day

Every year as Valentine’s Day nears the religious groups all over the country gear up, not with roses or chocolates, but with sticks and threats. Their mission – to ‘advice’ the youths not to fall prey to western influence and celebrate vulgarity (their words, not mine). Valentine’s Day has been ... Read More »

Trump, Sasikala and democracy drama

It has been crazy times for the democracy since past few days in India; and months for the world. From kicking out a Chief Minister to blunder President, we seem to have seen quite a bit since last November. Even before the new year of 2017 had started, the democracy ... Read More »

Uphaar fire tragedy verdict: a let down

Uphaar fire tragedy

When the verdict of Uphaar fire tragedy was out on Thursday morning, there rung nothing, but disappointment with judgment amongst the public and critics alike. The verdict of Uphaar fire tragedy has been much awaited for some 20 long years. When people lost their loved ones in the fire, or ... Read More »

Dynasty politics and Sasikala

Dynasty politics

In the land where the dynasty politics is typical form of politics, it has been a matter of very little surprise that Sasikala took over J Jayalalithaa’s seat. Form the time of its infancy, Indian political arena has been the playground of the dynasty politics – the political ring that ... Read More »

Trump and visa ban: Nothing new

visa ban

Ever since Donald Trump became the President of United States, it has almost become a routine task of mine to open the international section of the newspapers to read his current “exploits”. Yes, this what I have been calling it as – Trump’s exploits. My usage stems from the fascination ... Read More »

Of terrorism, visa banning and Pakistan

Trump’s hint on banning Pakistan from getting visas to United States brings forth a classic tale, an ideal example of deterioration wrought by the terrorism on a country, a country which literally willingly chose this path. Pakistan today has become one those lesson that time and history teaches as how ... Read More »