Losing the Freedom of expression

The freedom of expression is most important right in Democracy. It is discerning to see changing the  meaning when it comes to the elitists of the society, whether it is social ones or the political ones. The freedom of expression has more or less become the privilege of few while others ... Read More »

Comedian Cricketer Sidhu lost his mind

Comedian Cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu was a cricketer turned TV artist turned politician. It looks like the Congress minister continues to think the same way as a comedian and Cricketer. Just like endorsements and his businesses he wants continue his job on TV, laughing at stupid jokes of Kapil Sharma. ... Read More »

Time to chuck out that racist attitude

It is time to accept the the bitter, ugly truth that we are one of the most racist country.It is deplorable that as the world silently allowed the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination pass by, India stands top of the list as the world’s most racist country. ... Read More »

Nepotism won’t go away from Bollywood any time soon

It was nearly a month back that the bold and beautiful actress of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut opened the can of worms by publicly accusing Karan Johar as the propagator of nepotism. Since then the Bollywood has nearly split into two groups like Red Sea, between the artists who have gone ... Read More »

The public toilet woes

‘Go to toilet, if you want now, otherwise you will have to hold it in till we reach the destination’; for most of us, this must have been one of the primary commands that our parents had dole out before we embark on a trip, it does not matter whether ... Read More »

Holi: The festival of colorful memories

Holi is one of the festivals that has continued to fascinate me despite I had maintained a safe distance from it. My first tryst with Holi was bit strange and perhaps that set tone of my relationship with the colorful festival of India. Like any other girl from South India ... Read More »

Memories of the woman who inspired me

On this Women’s Day rather than contemplating on the dreary situation of the woman in the society, I would rather reminiscence about one of the women who left a deep impression on me, the woman who more or less had a hand in molding me the woman I’m today. Every ... Read More »

Time to censor CBFC’s attitude towards open cinema

What is it that makes our Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) so afraid of certifying the open cinemas like Lipstick under Burkha or Ka Bodyscapes? Is it the content or the perception of the movie? Film Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) had given hard time to both the ... Read More »

Election 2017: War of religions and castes

It has been war of religion and castes for past two months in India; an intense war from which no one emerge any victor, except the war mongers. I’m talking about the state of election campaigns that has been hogging both the public and media attention since last two months ... Read More »

Government tax payers money for personal mokku

Telangana Chief Minister KCR used tax payers money to present 5.6 Cr worth of gold jewelry in Tirumala. He presented a ‘Saligrama’ necklace and a ‘Kante’ with five rows to Lord Venkatewara in Tirumala Tirupati. Personally, we all have our deals with the God and we pay our mokku at ... Read More »

Indian Railways desperately needs to switch tracks

The sad state of affairs in Indian Railway speaks loud when close to the heels of Kalindi Express collusion, goods train bound to Kurla derailed on early Monday morning. As India and Indian Railways are getting ready for the bullet trains, it is ironical that we are still salvaged by ... Read More »