Opposition makes Modi stronger everyday

Opposition makes Modi stronger everyday

Opposition does not have any agenda these days. They are only talking against Central government policies. They have no answers on what needs to be done. There are leaders like Mamta Banerjee, who wants to start andolan for every government’s decision and one Kejriwal who wants to just attack Modi. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi try to criticize the policies and sometimes disappear from the political scene. There are few leaders like Nitish Kumar and Naveen Patinaik, who only talk when they need to.

Opposition doesn’t mean opposing Central government in every decision. When will the Opposition parties realize this? If all the parties get united against Modi, then it is only leads to colossal failure. People can’t understand Opposition parties uniting against their ideologies just to bring Modi down. It is going to work against them and it makes Modi stronger with each day.

This is not started with calf slaughter. But it is going to definitely put a nail in the coffin. Who dares to kill a calf in the public and that too selecting Hindu dominated area? Are they crazy? Are they ignoring the sentiments of majority to just oppose Modi? Even for people who eat beef, it is tough to see someone killing a calf in the middle of the road. During this whole saga, the workers were raising slogans, “Congress Zindabad”. No one in their right mind should think that this is going to help Congress party. The incident was barbaric and it only creates repulsion among people.

Opposition creating noise over ban on cattle slaughter when there was no ban imposed by the government. The media is jumping with their guns and coverage is immense. The new rules are necessary for a developing nation to become developed nation. We need to stop cruelty against the animals and kill them in good conditions. Also opposition and media are talking as if cattle means only cow. There are other animals and these rules are applicable for all the cattle and not just cow. There is no rule to stop beef eating and there is no reason to organize beef festivals. The beef fest is supposed to be a protest, but do they not bother about the sentiments for the entire India?

Demonetization is strongly supported by aam janta and without checking the pulse of people of India, Mamta Banerjee, Kejriwal, Congress jumped on the wagon and tried to create chaos in the country. The people who stood in the lines did not complain, but the media and politicians sitting in their AC rooms made too much of noise. People rejected them and supported Modi in a big way and the proof is the grand win in UP Assembly elections and even in Delhi MCD elections.

Malda riots did not invoke any sympathy from these leaders as they do not want to raise their voice against Didi. The situation was handled very badly and it is a clear cut case of minority/Muslim. Kejriwal or any other leader did not speak gainst Malda violence. Police stations were attacked and temples were attacked by Muslims, Hindu houses and shops were also ransacked.

The reason was reported was a statement given by self-proclaimed Hindu leader Kamlesh Tiwari on Prophet Mohammad calling him as ‘gay’.  Prior to this statement, SP leader Azam Khan called RSS leaders as homosexuals and said that is why they don’t get married. The protest for the statement leading to riots was well planned as there was no reason for this to suddenly erupt. No newspaper published this news, but Bengal population must have watched it on daily basis.

When few JNU students protested the hanging of Afzal Guru in a rally raising anti-India slogans, they got arrested. Then Kejriwal, Yechury and Kejriwal ran to JNU supporting them. People of India do not like the leaders to be supporting someone who wants to break India. you don’t be Einstein to know this.

When a student committed suicide in Hyderabad University, the same leaders jumped up on the opportunity and went to Hyderabad.

When Dadri incident happened, Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal caught all the attention from the media and gave enough publicity. The TV channels and the news papers went ballistic about this news.

When Modi announced Swachch Bharat and when Modi motivated India with “Make in India” slogan, Rahul Gandhi made fun of it.

About Jan Dhan Yojna scheme, the Central government started this scheme to open bank accounts for everyone in India and they can maintain zero balance. The Opposition parties made quite sarcastic remarks on this scheme. For all those who could never open a bank account, they felt like they are flying on a plane. They felt Indian identity with one bank passbook which the intellectuals can’t understand. With this step, Modi got closer to people and Opposition farther. The