Modi bashing costs Kejriwal

Modi bashing costs Kejriwal

The continuous Modi bashing strategy is going to cost his career and ambitons for Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. It is true that people of India looked at Kejriwal as the refreshing change in Indian politics. India was looking forward to more Kejriwals, but not ready to give PM chair as he wished. Kejriwal found a strategy of Modi bashing to be popular and be considered as next PM candidate. He was in a rush to create “Modi Vs Kejriwal” to beat the race against Nitish Kumar and Rahul Gandhi.

Delhi people gave a clear mandate to Kejriwal and this power instead of making him humble, he became arrogant. People didn’t like his dictatorial behavior, but everyone was willing to give him a chance to bring corruption free government. His downfall started with every act of his, and not instant. People accept criticism from opposition parties and people expect them to fight against ruling party when something is not right. But if the opposition is spending all the time attacking the Prime Minister who is being elected by the country, people can’t take it for long.

Kejriwal tweets more of Modi bashing than Delhi; #sanslogic

Kejriwal wants to go against Constitution because LG is not elected by people and he is being elected with 67/70 majority. Does that mean if someone wins with 47/70, they should have less rights? #sanslogic

Kejriwal questions Modi’s education credentials – even after providing proof he says those certificates are fake; why in the world Modi lies about his education? There is no benefit out of it; #sanslogic

When the CBI raided Kejriwal’s secretary Rajendra Kumar, he called Modi, Psychopath and Coward. The raid was based on a complaint and investigation CBI arrested Rajendra Kumar. Kejirwal said the CBI should have reported the case and he would have taken action on him, if proven guilty. Again #sanslogic.

Kejriwal accused the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking 25 Cr as bribe without solid proof and after the court said the case does not have enough evidence. Then he said Modi works for Ambani and Adani.

Delhi CM attacked Modi for a rape occurred in Delhi and said he won’t let the Prime Minister sleep. Then he asked the government to give control over Police to Delhi government though it is against the Constitution.

Tweeting against Modi and attacking Modi is what takes most of Kejriwal’s time and people are getting tired of it. Those who genuinely wanted to see how Kejriwal succeeds in politics, got vexed with his behavior. Everyday he wants to break the rules and for every act, he wants to show he is the leader and LG is not. Anyone in LG’s position will get frustrated with his ignorant behavior and finally LG left his job.

The final nails in the coffin by Kejriwal were asking proof of surgical strikes and going against demonetization. He could not get the pulse of the nation or he did not care about it. The whole country supported the prime minister in both these unprecedented actions and Kejriwal talked against them. This is the point where the beginning of his end started.

The rants of Kejriwal continued with blaming EVMs for AAP loss in Punjab and Goa. People immediately asked if EVMs were working fine when he got elected with 67/70, or it was a mistake. AAP lost terribly in Goa losing deposit in almost all the seats and in Punjab they could save some. If he stopped Modi bashing and blaming LG and Central government, he could have had the respect of people.  The current tagline of Kejriwal is “Sab mile hue hain”. As per Kejriwal, everyone is corrupted except him.

Kejriwal is already preparing the grounds for his upcoming loss in Delhi MCD elections to blame EVMs. Day-in and day-out he is talking about only EVMs and his party members are also doing the same. BJP lost in Punjab and got saved in Goa. Just because BJP won with a landslide, it doesn’t mean that something went wrong. Mayawati is only asking how can Muslims vote for BJP and Kejriwal is saying, it is impossible for AAP to lose in Punjab. So, they blame EC and Judiciary. People of India are watching!!!