Irom Sharmila Unplugged; politician or activist?

Irom Sharmila Unplugged; politician or activist?

Irom Sharmila is known as the person who led the longest strike in the world. In a materialistic and selfish world, she sacrificed best part of her life by fasting for 16 years. The country remembers for her determination and her clarity towards AFSPA. She decided to go on a fast after the Assam Rifles brutally encountered few people of Manipur. Everyone forgets every tragedy after few days or few months in India. She did not. But people took her fast as normal and went on with their routine life. The life does not stop with terrorist attacks or natural calamities even if it is Tsunami. It goes on and people move on. The activism also dies and so her supporters also weakened.

Irom Sharmila wanted the Central government to repeal AFSPA, which is not realistic. It doesn’t matter even if she continues her fast till death, the decision will not be taken based on her strike. She finally decided to stop her fast and wanted to live normal life, by getting married and having her own family. Either she decided to be practical or learned that she is not going to achieve anything in this status quo. There were people who did not support her decision of ending her fast. It is difficult to understand what they wanted her to do.

The nation became curious to know what she is going to do next. She said she wanted a normal life for few days. Then she announced that she will contest in next elections. She fought against the incumbent Chief Minister of the state and lost miserably. She just got 90 votes. This clearly states the fact that people do not think she knows the situation of state or she knows how to rule a state. Being away for 16 years, living in hospital, does not get votes. She needs to work with people at grass roots and understand their difficulties. She is a not a star as she was projected to be.

The political future of Irom Sharmila does not look optimistic, but she has decided to be political in future. She stopped being an activist and looking for power. All her (meaningless) sacrifice will be looked as foolish or selfish as she turned to communists for her political future. She went to Kerala and said, “Everywhere, politics in India is taken over by money power and muscle power. But in Kerala, I find the situation hopeful”. With this statement, she lost her sympathizers in her own state and all over India. People of India know the deaths of BJP workers in Kerala though the media is not interested in it.

Irom Sharmila did not question the deaths in Kerala and strongly looking for support from CPI(M). What happened to her conscience? Does she think people will support her in future? She might feel betrayed by people of Manipur, but she betrayed the whole nation by joining hands with the party who is killing people every day. CPI(M) party workers threw away a 10 month old baby from a car with the political clashes. Again, the media is not interested because the dying people are not minorities or Dalits, they are BJP workers.

Kerala and West Bengal report the most number of murders involving political clashes and most of the time the victims are BJP workers. BJP Dalit workers are targeted in Kerala and it is every day news. But Irom Sharmila saw only sincerity in CPI(M) party and gave a good conduct certificate to them. She is not a political threat to any party as she got meager 90 votes, but she also lost respect and sympathy from people of India. It would be good for the country if she stays with her activism and works for the people of Manipur instead of acting like a typical politician looking for power.