Hindutva and Hinduism are one and the same

Hindutva and Hinduism are one and the same

There is too much discussion on Hindutva and Hinduism. Hindus definitely prefer to be called the followers of  Sanatana Dharma. As others don’t care of to understand, we got adjusted to being called Hindus. What is Hindutva? It is clearly made of two words, Hindu and Tatva. Tatva is nothing but reality or facts. By this literal meaning, Hindutva means Facts of Hindu or Hinduism. Hindutva and Hindusim are inseparable, they are one and the same.

Why do we better off calling it Sanatana Dharma? Because it is Sanatana, meaning eternal and Dharma means Righteousness in life. We need Dharma to have peace and harmony in this world. In simple words, Dharma means duty. Following Dharma means following one’s duty as a parent, leader, teacher and any relation or profession we deal with. Sanatana Dharma is a way of life and it is not bounded with rules or principles or any books. When it was advised to wake up early and take bath in the morning, it is the way of life and it is the best way of leading a life, without any doubts. The way of life is well defined by following certain values which are proved scientifically.

When our communists or atheists who make fun of our beliefs or our own Hindu Betheran who try to impress others by degrading Hinduism, it is the tolerance of Hindus which is keeping matters peacefully. When the Prime Minister of the country says, “Muslims have the first claim on the resources of India”, it is the same Hindus who kept quiet. When a senior politician who served as Chief Minister of a state asked, “Who is this Raman (as Lord Ram is referred to in Tamil)? In which engineering college did he study and become a civil engineer? When did he build this so-called bridge? Is there any evidence for this?”. People just ignored him and his atheist attitude because they are tolerant.


Too many political parties have taken Hindus for granted and consider Hindutva is against secularism. While they try to appease Muslims, they go to any extent. In our country, saying Insha Allah is secular and Jai Shriram is communal. Time has come for Hindus to be vigilant and notice the spreading of anti-Hindutva ideology. The political parties  like communists are supposed to be anti-God, but they only talk about anti-Hindu gods. They never dare to pass a comment on Islam or Christianity.

India welcomed Parsis and Jews more than any country in the world because Hinduism is all about inclusiveness and pluralism. Hindus respect every path to God and allow everyone to pray according to their beliefs. One can term Hinduism as Secularism, if they can give non-biased opinion. No Hindus follow certain rules or a book to lead their life. It is all about Dharma and what they are supposed to do, based on leading normal lifestyle.