Congress says Indian Occupied Kashmir

Congress says Indian Occupied Kashmir

Anyone from India is not considered an Indian, if one uses the term, “Indian Occupied Kashmir”. This is a golden rule which doesn’t need to be written. Congress party senior leader Digvijay Singh used this term in place of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir earlier. Now it is the turn of another leader or multiple leaders who didn’t bother to check before publishing.

The Congress party tried to criticize three years of Modi government by listing out the failures. It fell flat on their face as they made the worst blunder of their party since Emergency. They created a booklet and one was detailed on CPEC and it has a map which shows entire state of Jammu and Kashmir as “India occupied Kashmir”.

Normally, when we buy a globe outside India and if it states Kashmir as dispute, the globe is not allowed to bring it to India. This is such a sentiment and also a strict rule for Indians and Indian government. Now, Congress party says it is a silly mistake. How can it be taken so easy? The laws are very strict regarding the publications of maps and globes for India.

Congress senior party leader Ghulam Nabi Azad released this booklet¬†in Lucknow. The 16-page booklet was distributed by the Congress, showed the entire state of J-K labelled as “Indian Occupied Kashmir” in the context of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

How can Congress party leaders release a booklet without reading? Is this the way the party functions? Any presentation gets validated by multiple people in any company and this goofup is called silly mistake by Congress party.