Congress says Indian Occupied Kashmir

Anyone from India is not considered an Indian, if one uses the term, “Indian Occupied Kashmir”. This is a golden rule which doesn’t need to be written. Congress party senior leader Digvijay Singh used this term in place of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir earlier. Now it is the turn of another ... Read More »

Opposition makes Modi stronger everyday

Opposition does not have any agenda these days. They are only talking against Central government policies. They have no answers on what needs to be done. There are leaders like Mamta Banerjee, who wants to start andolan for every government’s decision and one Kejriwal who wants to just attack Modi. Sonia ... Read More »

Understand cattle slaughter regulation

The new rules DO NOT ban cattle slaughter, but regularize the way they are being slaughtered. Who would like to torture the animals before slaughtering them? The new rules of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Regulation of Livestock Markets) Rules, 2017, have been framed under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. ... Read More »

Finally!!! Indian Army gets free hand in Kashmir

Indian army is one of the greatest in the world and India salutes them. But behind all the politics of the previous governments, they were never given free hand to solve the problems in Kashmir. Their sacrifices are in vain and the hearts of Indians were bleeding to see their ... Read More »

Calf slaughter is fight against BJP?

If the ruling party supports ban on cow slaughter, is opposition going for calf slaughter in public? Kerala youth Congress member brought a calf in a small truck and slaughtered in the public. He didn’t stop with calf slaughter, but went on to distribute the raw meat to people. Congress party ... Read More »

Karti Chidambaram claims Political Vandetta

What is Political Vandetta?  The literal meaning of Vandetta is “an often prolonged series of retaliatory, vengeful, or hostile acts or exchange of such acts”. Most of the biggies in India or in any country support one or more political parties.  These political parties could be in and out of power ... Read More »

Jethmalani Vs Jaitley getting too personal?

It looks like the defamation case is becoming Jethmalani Vs Jaitley and not Jaitley Vs Kejriwal. In this hate game, Kejriwal could be at the losing end because Jethmalani is taking personal revenge on Jaitley. For a senior lawyer like Jethmalani, it is not wise to use the words like “crook” against ... Read More »

BJP winning combination Modi-Shah

Before Modi-Shah took over, BJP was rotting under Advani and other leaders. As much as we want to credit Advani for the rise of BJP in India, he would have been as much responsible if BJP went down the rabbit hole. After 2004 loss, Advani was in a hurry to ... Read More »

Opposition parties should catch pulse of country

Opposition parties should not go unidirectional and oppose everything the ruling party does. They need to evaluate and provide constructive criticism and also provide solutions. People don’t want to listen to negative comments from politicians all the time. Opposition parties are obligated to act responsible as they are being elected ... Read More »

Banning alcohol is not enough

Supreme Court’s decision to ban alcohol along the highway is worth a loud applause. But only time can tell as how long the Court can stand against its aftermath and the liquor lobby in India. The tug of war between the government and the alcohol lobby in India. While the ... Read More »

Losing the Freedom of expression

The freedom of expression is most important right in Democracy. It is discerning to see changing the  meaning when it comes to the elitists of the society, whether it is social ones or the political ones. The freedom of expression has more or less become the privilege of few while others ... Read More »

Comedian Cricketer Sidhu lost his mind

Comedian Cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu was a cricketer turned TV artist turned politician. It looks like the Congress minister continues to think the same way as a comedian and Cricketer. Just like endorsements and his businesses he wants continue his job on TV, laughing at stupid jokes of Kapil Sharma. ... Read More »