Call Educated Muslim Men to Ban Triple Talaq

Where are all the educated Muslim men and what do they think of Triple Talaq? Why don’t we see them supporting the Muslim women? Is it ego issue? or Is it that they don’t want to loose that freedom of easy divorce and free to have multiple wives? or they are ... Read More »

Triple Talaq – a fight of Muslim women

The AIMLB members keep on saying the triple talaq is wrong and they want the government to punish the Muslims who are using triple talaq in wrong ways. But they don’t want the government to interfere with the Muslim personal law. This means they want the government to implement Sharia ... Read More »

Swathi Mutyam Kasinathuni Vishwanath

When we think of Kasinathuni Vishwanath, it’s not one or two great films come to our mind, but it will be a list of masterpieces. Sankarabharanam, Saptapadi, Swathi Mutyam, Sagara Sangamam, Swarna Kalamam, Sruthi Layalu, Sirivennela, Sirisiri Muvva, Swati Kiranam, Shubhodayam and more. The films made by this great director ... Read More »

Modi bashing costs Kejriwal

The continuous Modi bashing strategy is going to cost his career and ambitons for Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. It is true that people of India looked at Kejriwal as the refreshing change in Indian politics. India was looking forward to more Kejriwals, but not ready to give PM chair as ... Read More »

Dynasties running two Telugu states

Dynasties have been going around Indian politics since getting independence British. India was constituted by many kingdoms earlier and then ruled by Islamic rulers followed by British.  Dynasties was not uncommon for the kings and rulers. Democracy should never encourage and the politicians should always keep family out of power. But ... Read More »

Banning alcohol is not enough

Supreme Court’s decision to ban alcohol along the highway is worth a loud applause. But only time can tell as how long the Court can stand against its aftermath and the liquor lobby in India. The tug of war between the government and the alcohol lobby in India. While the ... Read More »

Irom Sharmila Unplugged; politician or activist?

Irom Sharmila is known as the person who led the longest strike in the world. In a materialistic and selfish world, she sacrificed best part of her life by fasting for 16 years. The country remembers for her determination and her clarity towards AFSPA. She decided to go on a ... Read More »

Hindutva and Hinduism are one and the same

There is too much discussion on Hindutva and Hinduism. Hindus definitely prefer to be called the followers of  Sanatana Dharma. As others don’t care of to understand, we got adjusted to being called Hindus. What is Hindutva? It is clearly made of two words, Hindu and Tatva. Tatva is nothing ... Read More »

Racial attcks on Nigerians and double standards of India

The racial attacks on Nigerian exposes the hypocrisy and double standard of Indians. For past few months the Indians living in United States of American have been crying foul left, right and center about influx of racial discrimination in they have to suffer in foreign soil. The attack on the ... Read More »

Time to chuck out that racist attitude

It is time to accept the the bitter, ugly truth that we are one of the most racist country.It is deplorable that as the world silently allowed the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination pass by, India stands top of the list as the world’s most racist country. ... Read More »

Nepotism won’t go away from Bollywood any time soon

It was nearly a month back that the bold and beautiful actress of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut opened the can of worms by publicly accusing Karan Johar as the propagator of nepotism. Since then the Bollywood has nearly split into two groups like Red Sea, between the artists who have gone ... Read More »

The public toilet woes

‘Go to toilet, if you want now, otherwise you will have to hold it in till we reach the destination’; for most of us, this must have been one of the primary commands that our parents had dole out before we embark on a trip, it does not matter whether ... Read More »