Call Educated Muslim Men to Ban Triple Talaq

Call Educated Muslim Men to Ban Triple Talaq

Where are all the educated Muslim men and what do they think of Triple Talaq? Why don’t we see them supporting the Muslim women?

Is it ego issue? or Is it that they don’t want to loose that freedom of easy divorce and free to have multiple wives? or they are just afraid?

Whenever Hindu reforms happened, it was always educated Hindu men fought for Hindu women, whether it was Sati, widow remarriages, abolishing child marriages or dowry. Women are still suffering, but there is law against all the evil customs.

Then why are Muslim educated men not raising the voice? Are they enjoying the privileges of polygamy, easy divorce and not sharing the property too much? Why are they denying women ownership rights to ancestral property? Why are they not letting Muslim women be educated to take care of themselves?

Big time film actors who are super rich and married Hindu women, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan do not speak a word against Triple Talaq. But have strong opinions on non-existing intolerance. They are very vocal when it comes to talking about their films, “I am a Khan and I am not a Terrorist” and making fun of all Hindu traditions and temple customs. For this same Aamir Khan, it never occurred that Muslim women are suffering with Triple Talaq, Polygamy and Nikah Halala? Why can’t he project the same in his Satya Meva Jayate program and highlight this gross injustice? This is the reason Aamir Khan is a total hypocrite. Salman Khan openly shows respect for every religion but no word from him. Aamir Khan is ready to criticize Hindu traditions in his films to make money, but stays mum on Triple Talaq.

What happened to young ex-Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah? He raises voice for everything against ruling party, but no word for Triple Talaq. How about Javed Akhtar? Salam Kurshid goes to High Court and says Supreme court should not interfere in Personal laws.

It is not the Maulvis or Mullahs, it is the educated Muslim men who are committing grave mistakes by not supporting Muslim women.  Where are the Muslim versions of Raja Ram Mohan Roy? Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar? Kandukuri Veeresalingam?

The silence from all these educated Muslim men deafening. This is the reason Hindu women are supporting their Muslims sisters in getting justice. Muslim women need reforms in the matters of marriage, divorce, polygamy, alimony and child custody. They need the Muslim men stand next to them and join this fight. But if they don’t, they will get support from all the non-Muslim men and women.