Calf slaughter is fight against BJP?

Calf slaughter is fight against BJP?

If the ruling party supports ban on cow slaughter, is opposition going for calf slaughter in public? Kerala youth Congress member brought a calf in a small truck and slaughtered in the public. He didn’t stop with calf slaughter, but went on to distribute the raw meat to people.

Congress party workers are not looking at India or Indians, they are only targeting Modi and BJP. They need to underdstand the sentiments and look at the interests of the people of India. The act of Congress youth worker can be considered as an act of provocation and waiting for some gau rakshak to reciprocate.  This is nothing but creating chaos in the country.

The same Congress workers are not even aware that Indira Gandhi selected “Cow and Calf” as the symbol of her party in 1969. Her party workers are invoking sentiments of Indians with calf slaughter in public. While trying to criticize Modi government, these workers are stooping so low, that they forget about the voters. Are they taking voters who gave them humiliating defeat, for granted?

This incident definitely reminds everyone of the horse Shaktimaan. Congress and some opposition parties made a huge deal accusing a BJP MLA of hitting a horse. This became national news and the Congress party didn’t let the news go down. It was not even proved that the MLA caused the injury. Finally, the horse was treated and it took many days for the news to die down.

The workers of Youth Congress raised slogans against Narendra Modi and Amit Shah during calf slaughter and it definitely going to hit the people hard. Even beef eating people will not like this act of calf slaughter in public. This is barbaric and hurts people sentiments in India or even anywhere in the world. This incident will haunt Congress for a long time and hurt their winning prospects in the upcoming elections badly.