Demonetization kills parallel economy

No one in India can deny that there is a parallel economy thriving in India. This parallel economy needs to be attacked with all the weapons and the first weapon is demonetization. There are several cases around us which are part of parallel economy. Look around and you can see ... Read More »

Of 2017 elections and political parties

The clock of the countdown started ticking with the announcement of election dates. The moment that the major political parties have been waiting so far has come with the declaration of the election dates for five major states of North India. The fact that the forthcoming election holds significance for ... Read More »

With Akhilesh and Anurag, the year starts with a bang

It is just the second day of the brand new year of 2017, and the year has already started with bang. From Akhilesh Yadav turning away from his father’s wings to Anurag Thakur losing his chair, the year sure has started with varying degree of surprising events. Akhilesh Yadav‘s vacillating mind ... Read More »

Celebrating Christmas around the world

Celebrating Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, has attained much more complexity in the modern times than it was before. Over the years and over many generations the way that the day is celebrated has undergone a vast change. The simple but the deep even of the birth of a ... Read More »

Resignation of Najeeb Jung

Since Najeeb Jung  resigned, bedlam is the word that can be described for Delhi political scene. It was on Thursday that Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung quite abruptly announced his resignation shocking both the Delhites and its political scene. The political scene of Delhi has already been facing the rough weather, ... Read More »

Election promises need restrictions

The Election promises in India seem to have no limits and no restrictions for freebies. The political parties prepare a manifesto with these promises. Election commission should have regulations for these election promises and ask them how they are planning to do it. The ruling party should not be allowed ... Read More »

Modi and Rahul battle out in Varanasi

Varanasi, today witnessed the war of words as both Modi and Rahul clashing away ahead of the Uttar Pradesh elections. With the Sahara scandal accusation made against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi  by Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi the exchange of heat was expected today. it was the day before ... Read More »

CBSE restores class X board examination

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has officially announced to restore the class X board examination on Wednesday. The news which was nearly known to everyone unofficially was confirmed when CBSE declared that it is bringing back the class X board examination. The examination will be coming back to life from ... Read More »

RBI retracts its decision restrict the deposit

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) retracted its earlier decision to restrict the deposit above Rs 5000 on Wednesday. Making a U-turn today, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) retracted its earlier announced decision to restrict the deposits of the devalued denomination of Rs 500 and Rs 1000  above Rs 5000. Both ... Read More »

Bloody political atmosphere of Kerala

In Kerala the field of politics and political party is is cut throat. Literally. While thinking of the politics one generally conjures the images of the political parties, elections and somewhere along the line the ‘service to people’. But in Kerala the politics is much more than all these, it ... Read More »

New Army and Air Force chief appointed, Opposition not happy

In an unprecedented move, the Government appointed Lt Gen Bipin Rawat has been announced as the Chief of Army on Saturday. In an abrupt move, Lt Gen Bipin Rawat has been announced as the new Chief of Army succeeding Gen Dalbir Singh. The move has been meet with wariness as the government ... Read More »

Discontent in Opposition may benefit Modi

Discontent rang through the Opposition with many leaders expressing their unhappiness with Rahul Gandhi’s visit to the Prime Minister. The many leader of the Opposition stated their disaffection as Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi visited Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday to submit the meoradndum of loan waiver for the farmers. ... Read More »